Book Release - I'M NOT MAD, I'M PSYCHIC!


Wayne Isaacs is today one of the best known faces on Psychic Television. This book tells his incredible story from a seriously disturbed childhood, where he was considered to be psychologically challenged to a period inside a secure psychiatric hospital. Wayne was hearing voices, seeing visions, accumulating information without recourse to any identifiable source, they said he was mad. Wayne was not mad, Wayne was a Psychic-Medium. This is his incredible story, told by Wayne himself in conjunction with international best selling author John G. Sutton who is also the feature editor of the voice of Spiritualism Psychic World monthly. This is the terrible truth of what it is like to have a very special supernatural gift in a hard materialistic world where outsiders are required to conform or else! Sad, funny, disturbing, thoughtful and true, this book will change the way you view psychic phenomena forevermore.

My Story

Ever since I was a child I always had an idea I was different to other boys and from the age of fifteen I had always worked with helping others in the property world and was very successful in this line of work and enjoyed dealing with people and they were always drawn to me to help them and advise them of choices they had to make. I only found my gift later on in life when different circumstances happened to me through out my teenage years. I have always felt the urge to give people messages but really didn't understand what I was dealing with and I always thought we could all do this and had the gift. In the early years I thought it was just guess work or me being lucky. My mediumship work really took off when my Mother passed away in 2003 very quickly from Cancer and this I believed opened me up to question my ability and what was it that was giving me the information. I wanted to know how am I able to do this and what was my purpose in life. After attending a spiritualist church in 2003 and getting a message from a Medium with Mum coming through with exact validations I joined a circle group and became the only person left from a group that started out as forty. I then went on to do platform work and one to one readings. The rest is history and I know spirit have pushed me to were I am today but I must say all what has happened to me has been a natural progression and has not been pushed or rushed.

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My story: I met Wayne on Oranum over the summer. I had recently gone through what felt like a "breakup". I had a "falling out" with...

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